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There are times in life where the unavoidable happens. Sometimes it comes in the form of a slip and fall injury. Other times, it’s a cooking mishap that requires immediate medical attention. Or, it is one of those incidences of a medical condition taking a turn for the worse. These are the kinds of moments we fear most, because it involves ourselves or someone we love, and we want to make sure we stay calm and collected as we do everything we can for them to make sure they get the attention they need as soon as possible.

That is where Apex Ambulance steps in. We are available in Marlboro, New Jersey, to help people receive immediate ambulance transportation. We take pride in the fact that our team of state certified EMT’s will be able to handle situations of all types. Our fleet of ambulance transportation vehicles come equipped and ready for oxygen dependent transport, as well as wheelchair and non-emergent transport.

We understand what happens when accidents happen. We understand what happens when someone needs hospital transportation. It can be a frightening time for that individual and those close to them, which is why we adhere to a level of service that is not only professional, but it offers a great sense of reassurance based upon our reputation for timeliness and safety measures. We are dedicated to making sure that every passenger is handled with utmost care, and that they arrive at the hospital safely and promptly.

When the unavoidable happens in your life, and you need someone you can count on who knows what they are doing, and then call Apex Ambulance. We will be there on time and well-equipped for your needs. The last thing you will need to worry about in moments like these is whether or not they will be comfortable and safe.

Apex Ambulance transportation services are based in Marlboro, New Jersey, but we are also readily available in the areas of Monmouth County, Manalapan, Freehold, Holmdel, Red Bank, Howell, Jackson, Hightstown, East Brunswick, and Central New Jersey.