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Apex Ambulance offers a wide range of transportation services, including non-emergent transport services. We maintain a fleet of vehicles that are well-equipped to serve a variety of specialized groups of people. We understand that mobility may be limited for many people, for many reasons. We, as a company, are dedicated to offering the types of services they need.

Apex Ambulance proudly offers non-emergent transport services. All of our vehicles are legally licensed, well-maintained, insured, and driven by dedicated drivers who want to make your commute as comfortable as can be. If getting somewhere at some specific time is important to you, then it is important to us. Whether you need to see your dentist, your general practitioner, or a specialist, all of your appointments are vital to ensuring that your livelihood and well-being are maintained.

Far too many people miss out on medical appointments each and every year, and oftentimes it is because they don’t have a way to get to them. Apex Ambulance is a solution to this type of problem. We feel that all people should have an affordable and reliable mode of transportation to reach all of their medical appointments on time. Don’t let yourself or someone you love fall into this way of thinking when there is a real solution.

Call us today and please feel free to inquire about our non-emergent transport services. One of our technicians will gladly explain the process and fees to you. This will result in a better quality of life for you and your loved ones. Apex Ambulance is based in Marlboro, New Jersey, and we also proudly offer our non-emergent transport services to the surrounding communities of Monmouth County, Manalapan, Freehold, Holmdel, Red Bank, Howell, Jackson, Hightstown, East Brunswick, and Central New Jersey. Don’t miss out on any other medical appointments when you don’t have to. We are here to ease the process along and help you put your health back under your control.